Businesses are often faced with questions on customer behaviour, marketing decisions, credit business management, risk, pricing and financial planning. Some common questions that come up are:

  • How do we optimize our ROI based on customer behavior, budgeting and pricing strategy?
  • How do we draw 360-degree insights about our businesses, customers, servicess and derive feedback and value from volumes of big data?

Also, with data sets growing rapidly, commonly used software tools are unable to capture, manage and process the data within a defined time limit. This calls for a different approach and the use of different technologies to solve today’s problems.

We provide consulting, solutions, methodologies, and frameworks that help our customers in not only addressing the deluge in information growth, but also in answering questions pertaining to the information hidden in data. We leverage next generation information management technologies to enable our customers in data driven decision making. We believe that providers, which treat corporate information repository as a new type of corporate asset, and leverage technologies and processes to harness vast pool of data for decision making, yield significant ROI to their investors.

With Verve, the benefits you gain:

  • Improve efficiency in the care delivery process. Use advanced analytics to perform sophisticated cost modelling and profitability analysis for both direct and indirect activities to individual patients, services, procedures, departments, etc., based on the specific care delivery process used.
  • Take Right Decisions:Use distinctive methodologies ,processes and technologies that transform raw data into meaningful and useful information used to enable more effective strategy ,tactical, and operational insights for decision making.
  • Improve business efficiency: With workflow and process, metrics and automation.
  • Balance the risk involved: The risk involved with business and growth, while maintaining regulatory compliance can be balanced.
  • Gain productivity with one consistent and flexible system: MedVerve offers end-to-end solution integration with common metadata, integrated reporting, advanced analytics and cross-platform data integration, plus the freedom to choose from a number of costing methodologies.
  • Improve visibility and benchmarking across the organization: Use standard reporting templates, ad hoc analysis and self-service OLAP reporting from patient, service, procedure and department levels to revenue from claims and other billing mechanisms through Web-based deployment.
  • Analysis and benchmarking the number of surgeries performed and the success rates/Outcomes